Goody Bags: Keep or Kiss Goodbye?

Goodybags 315

The “goody” bag has become a staple at most children’s birthday parties, and another thing parents add to the party-planning list, but are they worth the time and effort? Here are what a few of our Facebook followers think about the goody bag:

“I like giving them and getting them. Right now I have a toddler who adores that cheap [stuff].” –Tamara Marlene

“Love them, my kid loves them, and I like to make them too.” –Laurie Godfrey Wragg

“Goodie bags are always fun giveaways for kids. Depending on the age group, they don’t have to be expensive either!” –Tutor Doctor Charlotte

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Kiss Goodbye
“Ditch them! If you want to send them home with a cupcake, that is cute. But I hate ‘Made in China’ plastic junk.” –Michelle Mills

“The bags are fun, but cheap [stuff] isn’t! Sending them home with something homemade or something simple and thoughtful to remember the event by is way better!” –Heather Troxler

“Whose idea was it to start ‘goody bags’ anyway? If it’s not your birthday, you do the giving not the receiving.” –Sharon McAllister

“BYE. Have three kids and never done them.” –Tifaine Hash

“We have done away with goody bags. The cheap junk ends up in the trash and candy often goes uneaten (or even worse, is all eaten).” –Michael Carson

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