Get Your Mojo Back After Baby

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Having a baby is a special time in a parent’s life, but it’s also one of the most draining times in your life. Sometimes as a mom, you need to invest some time in yourself because not only do you deserve it, but being a good mom means taking care of yourself too, no matter how old your children are.

This Wednesday at 6pm, Maureen Carlomagno of Your Wellness Coach is hosting a class for new moms who are ready to find some time for themselves and feel sexy again. The class, titled Get Your Mojo Back, is all about loving yourself finding time and energy for sex, and better communication with your partner. The class takes place at Babies and Bellies and is for women with children of all ages, whether single or in a relationship, and costs $15. Register in advance, or pay at the door.

Learn more about Carlomagno here. She’s this year’s Fit Family Challenge Wellness Coach. She’ll be working with our two Fit Family Challenge spotlight families helping them find balance in their busy lives as they work toward their own healthy goals. Learn more about it all here, then sign up April 1 to join in the fun.