Get Real With Candice Langston

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Quick stats:

Director of Development for the College of Arts + Architecture at UNC Charlotte

Family tree:
Lives in Plaza Midwood with husband, Felix von Uklanski; son, Tristan, 5; and daughter, Ava, 3

Favorite indulgence:
Lays dill pickle potato chips, which I have to import from Virginia for some reason

Favorite outing:
Our neighborhood park

Favorite local eats:

On your iPod:
Journey, Duran Duran and Sammy Davis Jr. I’m also excited to get Keane’s new album and the new one from Scissor Sisters.

Latest read:
Lots of blogs – humor, art and design mostly – and Gawker.

“Smash” and “Arrested Development” as soon as it returns.

In your bag:
Gum, lip balm and Excedrin. Also Sour Patch Kids and several Hot Wheels cars. You never know when you might need some or all of those, and I don’t like being caught off guard.

Can’t live without:
My iPhone, which holds all my hopes and dreams, and all my Duran Duran albums.

Your stress buster:
A girls’ weekend at a swanky hotel, shopping, dinner, mani/pedi and gossiP.