Four Singing Books of Christmas Carols

Rich in tradition, Christmas carols spark a nostalgia that’s second to none. Don’t settle for enjoying them only in the car! Share your love of these timeless singalongs with these illustrated Christmas song books.   

Here Comes Santa Claus by Gene Autry and Oakley Haldeman, illustrated by Bruce Whately 

Grand and vivid illustrations depict Santa Claus and a young boy and his family preparing for Christmas Eve. As each page provides a verse from the holiday tune, realistic drawings provide a subplot where the young boy wants to hastily change his Christmas wish. Find out if Santa can deliver in time with this beautiful classic. 

12 Days of Christmas by Rachel Isadora 

Told with traditional lyrics, Isadora celebrates diversity as all illustrations take readers on an unforgettable journey through Africa. Ten lords-a-leaping are adorned in Malian masks and garb as five gold rings are shown as dzilla (neck rings) of South Africa. This well-crafted arrangement will pique curiosity and inspire discovery into another world. 


The Christmas Song by Mel Torme and Robert Wells, Illustrated by Doris Barrette 

Adorable illustrations accompany each verse with a literal and magical portrayal of the wonders of Christmas. From tiny tots with eyes all aglow to every mother’s child spying, you can’t help but sing along with every page. Enjoy and explore this book with your little one for a special bedtime treat. 

We Three Kings by Gennady Spirin 

Rich in golds and jewel tones, this visual masterpiece guides you through all five verses of this classic carol. The refrain is repeated after each verse with the same illustration each time. Horses, camels and elephants are meticulously detailed in regal attire as the scenery takes you back in time.