First Day of School!

Get rid of the back-to-school blues with these four books.

While it may be wonderful for parents, the first day back to school can either be an exciting adventure or feel like the worst day ever for kids. Here is a list of books to get children of all ages excited about the new school year. 

 Mission: Back To School by Susan Hood, illustrated by Mary Lundquist (Ages 4-8)


Back To School With Bigfoot by Samantha Berger, illustrated by Martha Brockenbrough (Ages 4-8)

Between shopping for clothes that fit, getting his fur a much-needed haircut and finding shoes for his extra-extra large feet, Bigfoot's back-to-school jitters are getting the best of him. But when he thinks about his friends, going on field trips and art projects bigger than him, his worries become less scary. Bigfoot takes us on a whirlwind of silly scenarios and helpful reminders that going back to school isn't as monstrous as it seems. 

Pinky Dinky Doo Back To School Is Cool by Jim Jinkins (Ages 4-8)

Pinky uses her imagination to help calm her little brothers' fears of attending first grade by making up a silly story about the whole school having a bad hair day to make him feel better. Filled with funny multiple-choice questions to engage young readers along with definitions and pronunciations of difficult words in conversation bubbles to help expand vocabulary.

Daddy's Back-to-school Shopping Adventure by Alan Sitomer, illustrated by Abby Carter (Ages 4-8)

Mom and Dad have one goal in mind while out shopping with the family for school supplies, stick to the shopping list. But will they succeed when their dad spots a yellow lunch box (not on the list) from his youth that he must have? The kids also get sidetracked by grabbing everything not on the list and putting it in the cart, including a monkey! Will mom have to save the day and the shopping list? This book will surely ease tensions around going back to school with giggles included. 




Tiffany Grantham is the Children's Specialist at the West Blvd Library with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. She is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University who loves reading and writing.