Family-Friendly Yoga on the Farm

Photos courtesy of Whispering Hope Farm and Pure Bliss: Yoga, Massage & Holistic Healing
Enjoy a family-friendly goat yoga class at Whispering Hope Farm in Gastonia on July 15 and Aug. 19.

It’s hard to imagine a more relaxing and enjoyable activity than yoga to strengthen, stretch and renew, except perhaps petting and laughing at adorable farm animals. Combine the two? It’s the latest fitness craze, and it’s coming to Gastonia. Get ready for goat yoga.

No kidding.

Pure Bliss: Yoga, Massage & Holistic Healing in Lake Wylie and Whispering Hope Farm in Gastonia are teaming up for two upcoming goat yoga events on July 15 and Aug. 19.

The best part? All ages are welcome to these family-friendly classes.

“We’ll have goats, lambs and bunnies there,” says Ashli Winter, the owner of Pure Bliss. “There will also be an opportunity for [kids] to pet the animals, who are used to being around people.”

Winter says the class provides all ages will the opportunity to unplug and enjoy being in a natural setting.

“Being outside, being on a farm is really important for kids,” Winter says. “It’s going to be a yoga class, but it’s also going to be a very relaxed atmosphere where if a little bunny hops over to your mat, you can pet it and love on it a little bit.”

Winter also says that it’s important to remember that kids benefit from yoga the same way that adults do. “It’s super calming for children,” Winter says. “It’s also a non-competitive exercise. So, kids who aren’t into competitive sports, it’s a good option or alternative for them.”

Winter says all participants can expect to leave the event feeling relaxed and happier. “You are doing yoga. The animals are there. We all know the benefits of loving on an animal. They are both calming. They just go well together.”

Want to give it a try? Whispering Hope Farm is located at 1405 Crowders Creek Road in Gastonia. Classes will be held Saturday, July 15 and Saturday, Aug. 19 from 10 to 11 a.m. Tickets are $10. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.

Myra Wright is the digital editor of Charlotte Parent and Carolina Parent.

Kids will have the opportunity to pet goats, lambs and bunnies.