Elf On The Shelf Is Back!

Need some ideas to get you through the rest of the holiday season? We've got you covered.

Last month, we asked readers for their feelings on Elf on the Shelf. 15% of you think it’s fun, 34% find it fun for the first few days, and a whopping 52% of you consider it your holiday nightmare.

So we compiled a list of ideas to help ease the pain, or add some fun, to your Elf on the Shelf adventures.

Using Your Kids’ Toys


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Photo credit: @adventuresoftippy

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Photo credit: @littlemermaid1016

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Photo credit: @jamesandholly.eots

Elf Pranks

Change all your screensavers around the house to feature an elf selfie; and “eflie!”

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Photo credit: @thenameisblack


Have the Elf toilet paper the tree!

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Photo credit: @the_adventures_of_elf_trixibel

Elf can make an attempt to bring home a North Pole snowman, but naturally, he melts.

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Photo credit: @Adventuresoftippy

Elf Adventures!

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Kitchen Fun

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Photo credit: @designsbycherylm

Silly Elf

Hide-and-Seek in the TP

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Photo credit: The Lumistella Company

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Photo credit: @misspattycakes

S-elf Portrait

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Photo credit: @the_adventures_of_elf_trixibel



And lastly, use your elf for some encouragement! This one went a long way a few years ago when we were potty training in our house.

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