Elf On The Shelf Is Back!

Need some ideas to get you through the rest of the holiday season? We've got you covered.
Elf Movie
Brooke Light Photography

Setting creative scenes for your Elf On The Shelf is just one more thing to add to the busy list of holiday to-dos. Find inspiration with these 12 go-to ideas that are as fun as they are easy to set up. Use items you already have around the house, or get some help from the team at Sweet Spot Studio and order an Elf On The Shelf 2 Week Kit, and keep the family guessing what those sneaky elves will be up to next! (Ed. Note: Images courtesy of Brooke Light Photography feature scenes that are available at Sweet Spot Studio)

Elf On A Shelf Taco

  1. Taco Tuesday

Elves love getting into the act and helping with dinner, especially when tacos and burritos are on the menu.

Photo Credit: Nancy Betler

Elf Tree

2. Sticky-Note Tree

This crew has been busy putting up the sticky-note Christmas tree and decorating for their favorite day of the year.

Photo Credit: Jill Shortal

Elf Coffee

3. Take a Coffee Break

Elves want everyone to be happy and caffeinated during this most wonderful time of the year. Start gift giving early with a mug or gift card to a favorite coffee shop. Cheers!

Photo Credit: Brooke Light Photography

Elf Kissing Booth

4. Kissing Booth

Step right up and blow a kiss to your favorite elf helper. Just try to resist that adorable face.

Photo Credit: Brooke Light Photography

Elf Bubble Bath

5. Bubble Bath

A marshmallow bubble bath with friends is a sweet way to relax after a quick trip to the North Pole.

Photo Credit: Nancy Betler

Elf Movie

6. Movie Night

Looks like this elf pulled an all-night movie marathon complete with popcorn and goodies to share with the family.

Photo Credit: Brooke Light Photography

Elf Band

7. Jam Session

Elves love ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’ with soda can drums and miniature instruments.

Photo Credit: Jill Shortal

Elf Hands

8. Wash Your Hands

A healthy elf is a happy elf. Keep washing those hands and spread holiday cheer, not germs.

Photo Credit: Tiffany Wolff

Elf Fort

9. Build a Fort

Popsicle sticks and colorful craft items are all you need to build a pint-sized elf getaway. A great place to hide from household pets!

Photo Credit: Jill Shortal

Elf Family

10. Family Photo

Say cheese! The elves are part of the family and have the picture to prove it.

Photo Credit: Nancy Betler

Elf Gym

11. Gymnastics

These elves are ready to show off their gymnastic moves on red and white striped pixie sticks.

Photo Credit: Jill Shortal

Elf Balloon

12. Flying High

Another year of holiday fun is complete! Send St. Nick’s helpers home in a magical balloon ride.

Photo Credit: Jill Shortal

Till next year!