Dad Profile: John Cristenbury

1 – Tell us about your family (wife, pets etc) and what you do for a living.

Our family currently consists of me, my wife Kim and Sadie, our Golden Retriever. We have a girl on the way, or at least thats what the doctor says. I am a graphic designer and musician and Kim works for a software company.

2- Outside of family, what is your passion or what makes you tick?

The things that make me tick would be Art & Design, Music and Technology. I love great design, techie toys and gadgets, art and music. I have been involved in Art and Music since I was very young. I was always the kid getting in trouble for drawing in class and I tortured my parents by playing loud music and instruments in the house. Basically the same things that I was into as a kid are the same things I am into now.

3 – What, if anything, are you most frightened of as a future parent?

What am I NOT frightened about is probably an easier answer. It was a big decision to bring a child into this world at this time. There are too many people that take having children for granted. For my children I am most worried about what the world will be like as they grow up. The world isn’t the same place it was when Kim and I were growing up, and it’s a much more dangerous place. You have to keep your head about you as you move through the world. I guess you could say I’m worried about everything.

I think I will do a good job around the house, helping Kim with the chores and taking care of the baby. Day-to-day stuff doesn’t worry me too much. I am more worried about the things I can’t control with her life but I know it’s impossible for me to be there all the time. She has to learn for herself and that is probably what worries me the most.

4 – What are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to watching her grow and become her own person. That fascinates me. I also look forward to helping her grow and learn and explore. I feel that Kim and I have a lot of life experience that we will be able to communicate to her. We are different sides of the same coin.

5 – Who do you think is an excellent dad role model? Why?

Wow, thats a tough one. I am sure there are a ton of dads out there that are excellent dad role models. My dad is a great role model for me and the older I get the more I have in common with him in that perspective. I know a lot of great dads so I’m not sure it would be fair to single one out. I did read an article on Dave Grohl (of the Foo Fighters) and the fact that he can be happily married, a father and be in several successful rock bands is sort of an inspiration to me that you can have the life you want; you don’t have to have a typical life. Go out and get it but it’s not going to come to you.