Customized Approach

Kim Cover Shot Revised

I enjoyed meeting with the Cram family. Kathleen and Chuck are doing a marvelous job working with their lovely family. We sat around the kitchen table and they allowed me to assess their current situation.They have so many routines that they have implemented over the years.  I commend them on a job well done. My approach with the Cram family was to help them customize things for their family.  I explained to them that there is no magic formula when it comes to balancing their lives.  What works for one family may never work for them.  Since they have children with so many things happening in and out of school, I recommended that they develop an Individualized Family Plan.  This plan will allow them to know what areas they should focus on monthly with each child.  For example:  If one child has a confidence issue, then for the month Kathleen and Chuck would focus on ways to build confidence in that child.   I offered Kathleen another tip that I know will work regarding Regan’s opportunity to choose his outfits daily. I suggested that Kathleen iron a few outfits and put them in a drawer.  Then when he searches for an outfit, he really is choosing the outfits that she prefers for him to wear anyway. This is what I call a guided choice. As for Kathleen and Chuck, I recommended things that will further enhance their relationship.  They are equipped with those private tools and I can’t wait to hear how things turned out! 

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