Crazy Things Kids Say

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It’s true, kids do say some funny things. Below are some funnies readers submitted in our “Crazy Things Kids Say” contest.

As we were taking a roadtrip, my son said, “Go to a breast stop.”
I asked, “Why,” trying not to laugh.
He said, “Because I’m thirsty.”
— Tricia Meier, Huntersville

Gigi loves learning about God. So, when I told her God was as big as a giant, she said, “Oh, does that mean he says, ‘Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum,’ too?”
— Chandra McCloud, Charlotte

My daughter puts on my sunglasses, grabs her bags and says, “Mom I’m going to work. I need to make money to buy toys.”
— Diana Montoya, Monroe

We have a newborn and 7-year-old. My 7-year-old looked at me and said, “I can’t believe you grew a baby.”
— Vonetta Blakely, Charlotte

Campbell, why did you wet the bed? Because my potty had to get out.
— Kara Harrington, Concord

I told my three year old that the shadows above her bed were angels watching over her as she slept. One night we were looking up from her bed and she said, “See mom, look at the angels.” Then with her pointer finger stretched as far to the ceiling, “Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose!”
— Melissa Chambers, Charlotte

When asked if he would like to watch American Idol, my five-year-old son Ben said, “Sure, love that Pants on the Ground.”
— Catherine Swaney, Huntersville