Charlotte Parent's 12 Most-Read Stories of 2015

From a viral bucket list to a blog post on Charlotte's silent lunch trend, these were the 12 most-read stories on in 2015. Catch up on the ones you missed or re-read the ones you need to read again via the links below.

1. A North Carolina Bucket List

From Jockey's Ridge in the Outer Banks to the Mile-High Swinging Bridge at Grandfather Mountain, here are our picks for seventeen must-see places to take the kids before they are grown. 

2. Endless Summer Fun in Charlotte: 17 Places to Take the Kids This Summer

This summer, we challenged you to get in the car and go explore at least one of these places each week for endless summer fun with the family.

3. Where to Fish in Charlotte

The best fishing spots for families in and around the Charlotte area.

4. 7 Best Charlotte Suburbs for Families

For those considering a move to a slower-paced lifestyle, Charlotte’s suburbs don’t disappoint. Here are seven nearby communities that prove life can be just as fun outside the city.

5. 2015 Readers' Favorites Award Winners

From best learning experiences to places to shop and get a kid's haircut, to favorite places to eat and play, our readers know a thing or two about how to make the most of family life in the Charlotte area.

6. Charlotte Parent's 2015 Terrific Teens

From climbing some of the world's highest mountains to winning a playwriting contest in New York, this year's set of Terrific Teens stand out for commitment to their passions. Meet each of the eight we selected from nearly 100 nominations.

7. Making Summer Camp Affordable

Wonderful camp experiences and lifelong memories do come with a price tag — one some parents may think they can’t afford. But there are ways to bring costs down and give your little ones a fantastic camp experience.

8. The Secrets to Raising a Baby in Charlotte

Whether you're expecting, in the sleep-deprived newborn phase, or in the throes of toddlerhood, raising a baby is no small feat. Luckily, Charlotte is a great place to be a parent, and there are lots of resources, activities, and options for parents with kids of all ages. Here are 15 of our favorite tips for local mamas, from pregnancy through preschool.

9. Perked-Up Playdates: 6 Free Spots to Have a Mommy Meetup in Charlotte

For the most part, play dates are great at your house or theirs. But if you want to break out of the house or avoid clean up after the play date, check out these free places to meet up with friends, big and little.

10. Picking the Right Day Camp for Your Child

Before you chose summer day camps, use this checklist to be sure the camp meets your expectations.

11. Silent Lunches: What the What?

A look at how some Charlotte schools are implementing silent lunches for all students.

12. 7 Places to Play in the Queen City

Charlotte offers a variety of ways to spend quality time and make memories, whether you like reptiles, roaring rapids or roller coasters. Getting out and spending quality time together is easy anytime of the year. No matter your idea of fun, this list is for the nature-lover, thrill-seeker, animal-admirer and those who love being in the fast lane.