Charlotte Moms Take on a Work-Life Makeover

Two local moms are getting a work-life makeover from productivity expert Carson Tate.

We have teamed up with Carson Tate, author of "Work Simply: Embracing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style," to makeover the lives of two professional working moms. These two moms are busy, and are looking to find more balance between their work and personal lives. Meet each below, and then keep up with their progress and get tips from Tate in our July and September issues.

alica-butts.jpgMeet Alicia Butts

Alicia Butts has four children ranging in ages from 7 to 13 and a full-time job at Wells Fargo where she has worked for 20 years. She wants to achieve balance between giving more time to her family and full attention to her job.

"I’m a process-driven oriented person and I’m all about finding a better way to do things," Butts says. "I’m always looking on Pinterest for ways to get the kids lunches packed quicker and easier, or how to get organized the night before to make for a smooth morning routine; and at work I’ve got a couple calendars that tell me what I need to do."

Butts hopes the tools Carson suggests can also help her kids learn better organization. "If my kids see that mom is getting more organized, then I know it will be easier for them to get their chores done or their school work done. … I want it to be a trickle down affect."

michelle-anderson.jpgMeet Michelle Anderson

As a senior manager at the Levine Cancer Institute, Michelle Anderson finds juggling a life outside of work with her daughter and husband hectic and hard to balance. Anderson has tried everything from planning out her week using calendars and priority lists to leaving room for unexpected events.

"It’s difficult to take time for what I need for my job while meeting the needs and demands of my direct reports, peers and upper management," Anderson says.

Anderson has worked with Levine Cancer Institute for four years and is looking forward to "focused time to learn new techniques in organization and efficiency [and how] to increase [her] productivity and work-life balance."

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