Celebrate Adoption

Families come in all sizes, shapes and configurations. This month we recognize one particular type of family, with National Adoption Month. From interracial to international adoptions, families who adopt children face unique challenges. They also experience incredible joy. If you are considering adoption, take time to familiarize yourself with the entire process. Be patient and do your homework. There are many books available with stories from both the adoptive parent and the adopted child's perspective. Several agencies in the greater Charlotte area can provide information on how to get the process started.

My friend Alison began the adoption process in the January of 2007. She brought her baby home at the end of July 2008. Throughout the entire journey and continuing to this day, Alison has marked, journaled and shared the process with her friends and family. She has created a special blog about adopting Ella and has the great fortune of being friends with a wonderful, international photographer. Ella's new life with Alison will be lovingly secured on film, online and most importantly, in the hearts of many.

In the beginning, I often remarked on how lucky Ella was to have Alison as a mother, how different her life would have been if she remained in an orphange in Ethiopia and how exciting her life will be to be raised in North Carolina. After seeing Alison interact with Ella, I now recognize how lucky Alison is to have Ella in her life. Alison is joyful, confident, caring and at peace now that she is a parent.  I know, first hand, how beautiful adoption is and I celebrate National Adoption Month.