Casting Call for Jo Frost 'Nanny on Tour' TV Show

Supernanny Jo Frost is casting families in the Southeast for the 'Nanny on Tour' TV series

Supernanny Jo Frost won over many families with her no nonsense, but effective, tactics for getting kids in control on the TV show 'Supernanny." Frost is continuing her quest to get kids to cooperate and chaotic family life in order with a new TV series.

I don't know a lot about the series, but I do know that it's currently casting for families in the Southeast. Set for a major cable network, Nanny Jo Productions is seeking "families with unique families who can greatly benefit from a once-in-a-lifetime visit from America's nanny."

What would qualify as unique? Kids lasso-ing the cat? Whatever it may be, and whatever is driving you to your wit's end, Jo is willing to take it on. No problem is too big according to the casting-call flyer on To apply, simply fill out the online form, or email