Carmel Christian STEM Team Receives National Awards and NASA Internships

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Carmel Christian School STEM team at ASGSR Conference in Virginia.

Carmel Christian School’s (CCS) Upper School STEM Research Team attended the 2015 American Society for Gravitational and Space Research (ASGSR) Conference in Alexandria, Va., where they shared research presentations to a panel of professional, scientific judges. They brought home the following awards:

• 2nd place- Bioluminescence of Penelus stipticus Fungus

• 3rd place- Effects of microgravity on the magnetic qualities of magnetorheological fluids over time

Over the course of two days, students had the opportunity to engage in conversation with Gregory H. Johnson, an astronaut who flew the last flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour. Two teammates secured J-term internships at both the Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers in January 2016 working directly with chief investigators. The CCS J-Term is a weeklong Upper School program designed to enrich classroom learning by providing additional knowledge beyond the classroom for growth.

American Society for Gravitational and Space Research provides a forum to foster research, education and professional development in the multidisciplinary fields of gravitational space biological and physical sciences.