Can Your Child Play Without a Screen?

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In spite of all the benefits of technology in our modern age, our kids may be missing out on the important and crucial brain development benefits of true play. Science tells us that real unstructured, creative free play is as important as diet and sleep for brain development. This type of play offers children a way to practice life in a safe place, learn problem solving skills, social skills and give their imaginations a needed workout.

The use of their hands as part of play is also crucial to making neuronal connects and is not present in digital play. Screen play is isolating and sedentary and the lack of movement (the rough and tumble kind) leaves your child frustrated with bottled up stress, anxiety and energy that can be mistaken for ADHD symptoms. Screens also shut down your child’s creativity as he is simply manipulating game software created by someone else. Don’t let your child miss out on the many benefits of REAL play!

A big thanks Colleen Odegaard and Eugene Robinson on the WCNC Charlotte Today Show for hosting Moms Managing Media and discussing this topic this week! Go here to view the segment.

How do you reduce screen time and introduce new hobbies and activities in your child’s life? Join us next week as we hear from guest Skype speaker Cris Rowan, author of The Virtual Child and pediatric occupational therapist, who has worked with tech overuse in children for a decade. Real Play vs. Screen Play -How to set your child/teen up for healthy entertainment habits and hobbies! Join us on Thursday, March 5 at 9:30-11:00am in Matthews at Covenant Day School. Open to the public with childcare provided. Register here.

Also join us every Wednesday morning in March at the JCC to learn more about how to manage screens in your home! Contact to register.

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