Best New CDs for Kids

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1. “Appetite for Construction,” The Pop Ups
The Pop Ups, often described as “Radiohead-meets-the-Beatles for kids,” released their newest album, “Appetite for Construction,” last month. Sophisticated pop beats and get-down rhymes and rhythms make it fun for the entire family. iTunes, $9.99.

2. “Love Bug,” Raffi Kids
The first new Raffi Kids’ CD in 12 years, “Love Bug” is a collection of 16 songs that engage children in a broad range of fundamental topics, such as love, nature, imagination, chores, and the need to slow down and enjoy life. $9.99,

3. “Raise Your Hand,” The Not Its
The Not Its fit into what’s called the “kindie rock” genre. Punky riffs and sly humor is clearly evident on their newest album, “Raise Your Hand.” High-energy songs, such as “When I Fell (The Scab Song)” and “Motorcycle Mom” are based on the band members’ experience as parents. $7,

4. “More Multicultural Children’s Songs,” Ella Jenkins
“More Multicultural Children’s Songs”
celebrates the 90th birthday of Smithsonian Folkways artist Ella Jenkins. The selections take the listener from a Hawaiian fish-eating ceremony to a language lesson in Russia, among other places. Jenkins says the songs were inspired by the wonderful people she has met from around the world. Available on iTunes, $11.99.

5. “Sea Blue Sea,” The Whizpops
Why not learn about marine life from a group of Montana-based teacher musicians? The educational lyrics on “Sea Blue Sea” combine with instruments like the organ and accordion to present key facts about the ocean. Check out “Dolphin Disco” and Anglerfish.” $9.99,

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