Be Resilient and Perservere

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Since my first blog post, I shared some of my struggles and challenges that I was working through during my first week of the Fit Family Challenge.  Although I cannot share with you all that there has been a tremendous breakthrough, I do want to express the importance of taking a moment in having gratitude and appreciation for life in the present moment.

With that said, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for Balance Expert Kim Jacobs, who has taken the time to share some amazing support and advice to help troubleshoot what I would like to call “life problem areas” Kim has shared some great tips that I plan to implement on how to connect with my son’s preteen needs, in addition to addressing the daunting task that I face daily in dealing with grief of an unexpected loss (break-up that is).

While being whole and healthy for your family is a priority that every parent should have, no matter the challenges and struggles life presents, we sometimes may lose focus on ourselves and form unhealthy habits.  For example, not taking part in physical activities or eating unhealthy, while keeping in mind forming addictive habits like alcohol and drug abuse can sometimes take shape as a result of just coping with life’s day-to-day problems.

If you think about it, food can easily become addictive as some may find comfort in eating unhealthy when dealing with vast mental and emotional issues. On the other end of the spectrum, not feeding your body properly also occurs when individuals lose their appetite due to stress or depression. In any of these cases, your health is vital to your existence; therefore, feeding your body emotionally, spiritually, and physically is equally important my point of view.

As Kim described, I am in the “moving on phase,” but there are no quick fixes or easy solutions to making any life change that requires for you to come out from your comfort zone, so the reality is that you may have to struggle first to get the desired results. For me, this means I have to set my intentions, create and implement an action plan, make adjustments in my way of thinking and in my daily routine so that I can address my concerns and life’s challenges for a healthier me. If not, my participation in this program has no value and a loss of opportunity to be a better me.

I hope that if you are reading this, that you too take something from this eight-week challenge, such as the opportunity to utilize a free guest pass that Charlotte Parent Fitness Partners have offered. One change can make a better you, whether it be making a nutritional change or implementing the proper exercise routine for your lifestyle, it is necessary to take action towards your first steps in achieving your personal goals. Most importantly, be resilient and persevere no matter life’s challenges.

Don’t forget to leverage opportunities and live a better you!