Balance Brings Zen to Life

Mariozappley 002

This past week I finally had the pleasure to meet with Balance Expert, Kim Jacobs. The one thing that we both have in common is knowing the importance of managing your time effective, especially with having young children!  However, Kim has the got the “balance life” down to a science, and I am trying to get there.

Over the past few weeks of the Fit Family Challenge, scheduling and life events were not on our side when it came to us meeting face-to-face.  I can honestly say, I had been running around so much that I didn’t even have time to make my living room and kitchen presentable.  I thought, “How embarrassing that I have a meeting with this stranger in an hour and my house is a hot mess.”  Nevertheless, I was committed to keeping our appointment no matter what and Kim was just going to have to get a realistic preview of the Zappley Household.

When I opened the door, Kim was just a burst of radiant energy.  She came in my messy house and sat down in the kitchen as if she knew me and the kids for years.  The cool part about having Kim as a Balance Expert is that she does not judge you….no matter the ‘messes of all messes.’  I felt like I was having a conversation over coffee with one of my girlfriends.  My children welcomed her and openly discussed their stressors, particularly over EOG’s.  The best part is that they received her message with openness as well.  I thought, ‘WOW,’ how cool is that?

When it came down to mom business, Kim offered some valuable tips that I implemented the same day.  For me, in some cases when it comes to cleaning, I like things to be a certain way that my children cannot achieve; therefore, I take on most of the household chores myself.  However, as Kim stated, “It does not have to be perfect.”  All in the same day, I was able to get both Ariana and Christion on cleaning board and my living room straightened up in 30 minutes.

What a weight lifted off my shoulders and by implementing her balance strategies this week, my house is almost completely transformed.  Kim Jacobs is awesome and her expertise is valuable for even the most organized parent out there.

Thank you Kim! You ROCK!

~ The Zappley Family