Apps to Help Children with Special Needs

Our top picks for apps to help your child.

With so many apps available for kids with special needs, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for your child. Here are our top picks.

Birdhouse for Autisum

A handy app that helps parents track sleep habits, medication, diet, therapies and more. Available for iPhone, iPod, Kindle Fire and Google Play. Free.



Breaks down activities into easy-to-follow steps for people with cognitive challenges. Reminders help users stay on track. Available for iPhone and iPad. Free.



Helps kids complete daily routines, understand feelings and improve patience. The app was created for caregivers to encourage a child’s independence, self-control and to recognize positive behavior. iPhone and iPad. $6.99.



Provides therapeutic hand exercises to improve fine motor skills and handwriting readiness for kids and adults. iPhone, iPad and Google Play. $3.99.


Give Me 5

Kids answer questions about social situations after watching short videos about manners, feelings, words, people and places to help learn social skills. iPhone, iPad and Google Play. $5.99.


Injini: Child Development Game Suite.

Offers 10 games for young children with developmental delays to reinforce fine motor skills, memory, cause and effect, visual processing, and more. iPad. $29.99.



This visual instruction app replaces flash cards with more than 4,400 images and 2,200 exercises. iPad. Free.


Myra Wright is publisher and editor of Piedmont Parent magazine, a sister publication of Charlotte Parent magazine.