Adventures of Reading in two Languages

Several studies in the last few years have shown the benefits of exposing children to a second language.  Bilingual children can have better focus on tasks as well as be more skilled at switching between tasks.  They also can have improved decision-making, cognitive skills and even memory.  Some of the newest research suggests that bilingualism can delay the onset of dementia in adults.  Even though some of the research is inconclusive, simply exposing our children to other languages and cultures can open their world and teach them to appreciate differences and similarities.  Simply reading bilingual books won’t  make your child bilingual but it will offer him or her a chance to develop cultural dexterity, an important ingredient of 21 century skills.

Today we’ll share some English and Spanish books; some are bilingual (the text will be in both languages within the same book), while others are books that were written in English and translated into Spanish.

Bilingual board books (0-5 year olds)


"Maisy’s Animals – Los animales de Maisy" by Lucy Cousins

Los animales de Maisy

This book teaches the names of several animals in Spanish with English translations

"Counting With – Contando con Frida" by Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein

Contando con Frida

This bilingual book introduces children to counting in English and Spanish and some of the artwork of renown artist Frida Kahlo.

"Rooster Gallo" by Jorge Luján and Manuel Monroy

Rooster Gallo

This book looks at a day in the life of a rooster through simple illustrations and phrases for children to enjoy.

More text for more confident readers (early elementary)

"Camiones Amigos, Truck Buddies" by Melinda Melton Crow

Camiones Amigos

This book is good for beginner readers and those interested in trucks.  Children will learn about colors and truck types.

Translated from original books in English (early elementary)


"Estamos en un libro" by Mo Willems (“We’re in a Book!”) and "Un día diferente para el Señor Amo"s (A sick day for Amos McGee) by Philip Stead and Erin Stead

                       Estamos en un libro

Un dia diferente para el Sr. Amos

These are translations of the popular books; you can check out the English and Spanish versions of the same book and read them side by side.

We hope you have lots of adventuras reading in dos languages!