6 Tips for Shopping Consignment Sales Like a Pro

Tips for getting the most at a consignment sale.
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Green Jeans Consignment Sale

Cindy Williams, co-owner of Green Jeans Consignment and mom to two boys shares these tips for getting the most at a consignment sale.

1. Make a list.

Make a list and prioritize for you and your kids.

2. Plan to attend when you have ample time to shop.

Rushing around a consignment sale will leave you frustrated and wishing you had more time.

3. Be prepared with what you wear.

Dress comfortably and try to be as hands free as possible.  Handbags and heavy jackets get in the way. 

4. Bring a large tote to carry your items.

Some sales provide IKEA bags, but before assuming they have their own bags bring your own large tote like a large laundry basket with a strap attached to it to carry.

5. All sales are FINAL.

If you plan to shop for kids, trace and cut out their shoe size on cardstock and cut a string to measure for inseam. 

6. Bring a friend.

It’s more fun to shop with a friend and they can be your voice of reason.  “Do you REALLY need that many dresses for your daughter?

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