5 Tips to Kickstart an Exercise Routine

Exerciseroutine 315

1. Start now!
You may be tempted to say that you’ll start this summer or after the baby weans or when the big project at work ends. But there’s no reason not to start today.

2. Start gradually.
If your current exercise routine involves little more than getting kids in and out of car seats (hey, that is a workout!), choose something reasonable like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Then add more.

3. Be realistic.
But not pessimistic! You can do this! If you’ve never owned a pair of sneakers before now, you probably aren’t ready to run a marathon next month. Commit to walking  during your lunch break or join your kids when they’re kicking a soccer ball around the backyard.

4. Invest in gear.
While you certainly don’t have to spend a bunch of money to get fit, most women are motivated by stylish and comfortable workout clothes. Spending some hard-earned dough on new sneakers may push you to use them more often.

5. Grab a buddy.
Most people want to get healthier. They just aren’t motivated enough to stick with it. Find someone else and encourage one another. Being accountable to someone can hold you to your goals.

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