5 Tasty and Healthy Lunchbox Alternatives

Change up the lunch menu to prevent sandwich burnout.

Sandwiches can be healthy and fast, but changing the lunch menu every once in awhile for your child can prevent sandwich burnout. Following are five simple and healthy alternatives from Patricia Azra, registered and licensed dietitian and nutritionist at Carolinas Healthcare Systems, LiveWell Health Center, to help keep lunch interesting — and they aren’t just for kids!

1. Mediterranean Medley

Whole-grain sliced pita bread + hummus + cucumbers/carrots/olives (or other favorite veggies)

2. The Layered Salad

It’s all about the order. In a lunch friendly container, layer:

  • First: salad dressing (wet at the bottom)
  • Second: chickpeas
  • Third: the fixings — carrots, tomatoes, corn
  • Fourth: romaine lettuce

3. Stack It

Whole-grain crackers + hard-boiled egg slices + avocado slices

4. Protein Plus

Three-bean salad  + turkey and cheese cubes

5. Pasta Perfection

Whole-grain pasta + chicken and mozzarella chunks + cherry tomatoes and spinach + vinaigrette