5 Green Tips for Families on a Budget

More Green Tips for Families on a Budget

Sloan Barnett is an authority on maintaining a positive and passionate green lifestyle, evidenced by her book, Green Goes with Everything, in which she offers simple steps to a healthier life and a cleaner planet. She even hosts “‘eco-friendly”‘ parties to make her friends and families more aware of the positive aspects of living a green lifestyle. In addition to these activities, Barnett is also a full-time mother, which can even be more challenging than maintaining a green lifestyle! However, it was her children that inspired her to live healthier and realize the toxins contained in everyday household products have harmful effects to our bodies.

Here are few more ways to start a green lifestyle on a budget.

1. Get Concentrated: instead of buying ready-to-use cleaners, check out concentrated cleaners where you simply add the water yourself. They use less packaging, saving on resources, but also last longer than non-concentrated products.

2. Use a Filter: Buy a water filter system and a metal water bottle and not only are you preventing plastic from entering landfills, but you’ll save a few bucks a day by refilling your own bottle each day.

3. Say Yes to Economy: Although our economy is suffering, buying economy size products uses less packaging. Whether your family is small or large, stockpiling on select items can also help to reduce the size of your grocery bill. For example, have the whole family spoon out some of their favorite yogurt from a large container instead of buying individual ones.

4. Just Say No to Paper Towels: Reuse your old cotton t-shirts or towels to clean your house. Leave the rags right near the sink to prevent temptation.

5. Composting is no Longer for Hippies! Pick up a composting bin at your local Wal-Mart and use the compost as fertilizer for your yard. No more need for expensive chemicals to spread on your grass.

Sloan Barnett is a mother and author of “‘Green Goes with Everything”. Visit www.greengoeswitheverything.com