5 Fun Book Series To Take Kids On New Adventures

After Jack and Annie: What to read after Magic Tree House.

Have you read all the Magic Tree House books, managed all the Merlin Missions, finished the Super Edition, survived the Survival Guide and completed the Research Guides already?  Are you ready for what is out there after Jack and Annie’s escapades? Try one of these exciting chapter book series for your next great adventure!

1.  Greetings from Somewhere by Harper Paris

If you like adventures featuring brothers and sisters, try Greetings from Somewhere.  Ethan and Ella Briar are twins whose mother writes for the local newspaper.  When she gets chosen to write a travel column, their family takes their adventures on the road.  Global excitement and mystery await!

2.  Space Taxi by Wendy Mass

In Space Taxi, when Archie Morningstar finally gets to join his taxi-driving dad on “Take your kid to work day,” Archie expects an ordinary day driving around town.  Instead, they head to the Cygnus Galaxy for their first fare.  Now, Archie is his dad’s copilot, and they are off on adventures that are out of this world!

3.  Dory Fantasmagory by Abby Hanlon

Dory is a little girl with a big imagination.  Her older brother and sister don’t always want to play with her, but that’s okay, because she has a whole bunch of friends to play with.  The question is, are they real, or imaginary?  Sometimes even Dory has trouble keeping them straight!  Look for Dory’s first two books now with the third soon to come.

4.  The Time Warp Trio by Jon Scieszka

If traveling through time is what you like about the Magic Tree House books, try perennial favorite The Time Warp Trio.  This series about three boys who often find themselves in similar – but much more frequently sillier – situations as Jack and Annie’s has stood the test of time (pun intended!).    

5.  What Was…?  Where Was…?  Who Was…? by various authors

The non-fiction Magic Tree House Research Guides are great companions to the Jack and Annie novels.  For the facts, try the What Was…? Where Was…? Who Was…? Series. These nonfiction chapter books contain charts, illustrations, and photographs to bring history, geography, and biography to life.  Take your pick of historical events, landmarks, or famous people, and let these series bring them to life!