5 Dino-mite Features of the Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family Exhibit

Engage all your senses at this dynamic dinosaur exhibition.
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All photos by Tiffany Wolff
Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family is open at Discovery Place Science through Sept. 3.

Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family is Discovery Place Science's latest innovative exhibition that brings hands-on learning to even the smallest of paleontologists. Put this education gem on your summer calendar to beat the heat and the brain-drain of summer break. Here are five highlights of the exhibition.

1. Touch Technology

Children of all ages will not be able to keep their hands off all the screens in this exhibit which is OK because they don’t have to. Interactive, hands-on technology teaches kids about the Tyrannosaurs. Touch screens give a unique view of how the dinosaurs may have looked and behaved.

Kids can compare their arm strength to the jaw strength of a T-Rex with the jaw-force meter. There also is a skeleton puzzle and an asteroid jump. Check out the augmented reality video screen that places guests on-screen with the dinosaurs, but beware, it could be intense for some of the youngest guests.

2. Innovative Sensory Effects

The multimedia experience offers sights and sounds that bring the Jurassic Period to 2018 to life. See large screens that show dinosaurs running through the streets of Charlotte while listening to sounds that Tyrannosaurs might have made.

3. Feathered Family Members

Recent scientific findings confirm the links between dinosaurs and birds. Compare and contrast the relatives of the mighty and renowned T. Rex, and see what some of these dinosaurs may have looked like with their feathers. There is also a 40-minute, G-rated movie "Flying Monsters" at the IMAX theater that ties to the exhibit and tells the story of dinosaurs that ruled the skies.

4. The Bones

The bones steal the show. The fossils and casts on display include more than 10 life-size dinosaurs. Guests observe the scale of the massive T. Rex, as well as the impressive details, from toes to teeth! According to the Discovery Place Science website, “featured dinosaur specimens include Guanlong wucaii, Alioramus, Tarbosaurus, Daspletosaurus, Albertosaurus, Appalachiosaurus, Gorgosaurus, and Teratophoneus,” if you want to get scientifically technical. 

5. Dino Pit

One special section of this exhibit is unique to Discovery Place Science and cannot be seen on other exhibit tour locations is the Dino Pit! See the work of paleontologists, then pretend to be one yourself. Guests are provided safety glasses and archeological tools to uncover dinosaurs. The whole family will enjoy this hands-on learning experience. Discovery Place Science added an extra area near the Dino Pit that highlights career opportunities for those interested in working with dinosaurs.

Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family runs through Sept. 3. Adults, seniors and children ages 2-13 are required to pay general admission ($13-$17) to Discovery Place Science, plus $3 for the exhibit, or $7 for the exhibit and the IMAX movie. Children younger than 2, receive free museum and free exhibit admission.

Tiffany Wolff is the calendar editor for Charlotte Parent and mom to two boys.