4 Ways To Keep Kids Germ-Free

What can you do to keep those pesky bugs away from your child?

Kids and germs – they stick together like the best of friends, even though we don’t want them to. So what can you do to keep those pesky bugs away from your child?

“It’s not possible to keep kids completely germ free unless they’re in a bubble,” says Carolinas HealthCare System pediatrician Dr. Carla Holder. “But there’s a lot we can do to minimize the chances of them getting sick.”

1. Know when to wash.

Kids should wash hands before they eat – and lather up after using the restroom, coughing or sneezing, or coming in from outside, as well as when you get home from school or daycare.

2. Know how to wash.

Experts recommend 20 seconds of vigorous rubbing action with soap and warm water.

3. Keep hands to yourself.

On top of hand washing, teach kids to keep hands away from their face. Cutting contact goes a long way toward stopping pesky germs from getting into their system and giving them a bug.

4. Do a daily wipe-down.

Use a germ-killing cleaner to wipe down cell phones, remotes, computer keyboards, toys – anything your family’s coming into frequent contact with each day.