4 Ways to Find Time to Exercise

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Whether your kids are babies or teenagers, trying to schedule a workout can be downright difficult. Below are tips to help you effectively incorporate these important aspects into your life.

1. Find a gym that offers childcare.
Most gyms offer childcare for parents to get the opportunity to work out for one hour. If there are any emergencies, they call you on your cell. This is a wonderful way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine without having to be too far away from your child.

2. Include your children.
If your children are old enough, jog together on a jogging trail or they can ride their bikes while you jog. Visit a high school that has a field so that the children can play on the field while you jog around the track.  Play a game of basketball, tennis or whatever kind of sports you prefer with your children, or play dance games on the Wii or Xbox, which really allows you to work off some calories.

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3. Invest in some workout equipment.
If you have in your home, you can exercise at any time that is convenient for you.

4. Get a jogging stroller.
If you have a very young child, jogging with a jogging stroller allows you to have an adventure with the kids while get exercise. If you have two children, invest in a double jogging strollers.

Kim Jacobs, host of TV show “Talk Daily Balance with Kim Jacobs”