4 Picture Books to Celebrate Spring

Written by Lonna Vines

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We celebrated the first day of spring on March 20, 2021! What better way to enjoy the season than to grab your Library card and head to your nearest Charlotte Mecklenburg Library branch?

Below are four newly published books to celebrate the season of sun, birds and flowers with the little ones in your home. To explore more spring reads for kids of all ages, check out this list curated by Charlotte Mecklenburg Library staff. If you are seeking fun virtual programs that revolve around the theme of spring, visit our calendar.









Spring Stinks (2021)
By Ryan T. Higgins
Recommended for ages 2-5

Dubbed a “Little Bruce Book” this title is smaller both in size and length of text. However, the content delivers the same loveable grumpy bear with lots of laughs. In the story, Ruthie the rabbit loves the smell of spring and Bruce doesn’t. Perfect for younger kids looking for a giggle.



The Song of Springs (2019)
By Hendrik Jonas
Recommended for ages 2-5

Birds attempt to sing their Spring songs to find their friends. Full of silly mismatched animal sounds, such as birds mooing and dogs meowing, the cast of characters enthusiastically invite the audience to take part in this gentle read-aloud, in which the work of finding one’s voice can also mean finding friends.












In A Garden (2020)
By Tim McCanna
Recommended for ages 3-7

An introduction to gardening, children follow the stages of growth from seed to sprout to bud to flower. The story emphasizes the way gardens live in harmony with living creatures, especially insects. The book comes alive through playful rhymes and vibrant illustrations.












The Spring Book (2021)
By Todd Parr
Recommended for ages 3-7

The Spring season gives us so much to celebrate! This bright and happy with familiar Parr style illustrations, reminds us why this time of year feels so good, seasonal allergies and all.