4 Clever Ways To Use a Pool Noodle

There are oodles of uses for pool noodles! Check out quick and easy around-the-house uses for summer's favorite toy.

Nothing says summer more than sunny days spent in the pool splashing and soaking up the season.  Kicking back while floating in the water is a ritual I look forward to every year.  I get lazy on vacation and love to chill out on an inflatable chair or a noodle in the water.  However, pool noodles aren’t just for summer water fun.  The price point and multi-purpose uses of pool noodles make them a year round go-to around the house.  There are literally oodles of uses for pool noodles!

1. Closet Storage: Boot Shapers

Pool Noodles are great closet storage helpers.  Some clothing items don’t store so well and are prone to losing their shape.  Enter the noodle.  Boots tend to slump over like wet noodles (sorry, I couldn’t resist).  A pool noodle placed in the boot maintains the shape of the boot and is an inexpensive investment.   Cut the noodle the size of the boot and insert it into the boot shaft.  

The boot maintains its shape and is set for summer storage.

2. Closet Storage: Hanger Helpers

I hate it when a hanger leaves an obnoxious crease on a nice pair of pants.  This happens especially now that winter pants are put away in storage for the summer months.  An easy way to combat the crease is to use a pool noodle on the hanger.  Cut the noodle the width of the pant leg and cut a slit down the side of the noodle.

Attach the noodle around the hanger and drape the pants over the noodle.  The noodle pads the hanger and pants just enough to stop the crease.  You may drape several pairs of pants on one hanger to cut down on closet space.  It’s a big win once winter comes rolling back around.

3. Party Décor: Napkin Rings

Everybody loves a party, but what about a pool noodle party?  Pool noodles are super fun summer décor.  The array of colors to choose from for the noodles make the décor all the more festive.  Crafting a quick and inexpensive napkin ring from a noodle is simple.  Cut a pool noodle into napkin ring size – about 1” or so wide.  Cut a slit in the side of the ring.

Place a napkin inside the ring and you’re ready for the picnic to begin.

4. Party Décor: Candle Holders

I love, love to decorate with candles.  The light is very flattering and the soft light makes everyone look better.  Candle light adds that something special to outdoor parties in the summer.  I love to float candles in water (it’s safer).  Creating a centerpiece with floating candles or floating candles on a pool of water is stunning.  Pool noodles are perfect for this use. Cut the noodle into napkin ring sizes.  For this use, the size doesn’t have to be exact and also cut a slit in the side of the ring.

Place a tea light candle or votive candle in the center of the ring.  Make sure the candle edge sits above the ring for safety.  Because this is floating in water the fire hazard is low.  But use common sense when crafting anything around an open flame. 

Place the candle in water and you’ll have a gorgeous glowing party.