3 Ways to Help Your Teen Be More Resilient

Teaching teens the proper tools can help them bounce back from life’s most trying moments.
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Is there a teen in your house having a hard time dealing with the stress of school, social life and friendships? Teaching teens the proper tools can help them learn resilience and bounce back from life’s most trying moments, says Linda Mornell, an adolescent therapist and author of the book “Forever Changed: How Summer Programs and Insight Mentoring Challenge Adolescents and Transform Lives.” She recommends encouraging the following behaviors during your teen’s adolescent years:

1. Separate from home and parents.

It’s essential for adolescents to sometimes separate themselves physically and psychologically from their parents. That’s becoming harder and harder to do in today’s world where cell phones give people instant and constant communication. Avoid frequent texting and connection, and give teens room to make their own decisions.

2. Engage in exploration and positive risk-taking.

It’s hard for teens to learn how to bounce back from challenges if they’ve been protected from encountering any significant difficulties from which to bounce back. Encourage your teen to take positive risks, like meeting new people or exploring different activities.

3. Take responsibility for others.

Caretaking is one of the best ways to increase resiliency, whether you are babysitting, volunteering in a home for elders, or standing up for kids who are bullied. When teens lend a hand to help others, they gain lifelong values and enhance the sense of their own worth.