3 Signs That Your Ballet Dancer May Have a Hip Injury

Watch out for these warning signs if you have a child that takes ballet.
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Ballet is a highly hip intensive art and sport. Pirouettes, Arabesques, and grand jetes put more stress on the hip than football and soccer. Because of the demands of ballet, there is a risk of injury. Hip arthroscopy surgeon Dr. Derek Ochiai shares these warning signs that a ballet dancer may be headed for a hip injury.

1. Hip pain.

Hip pain coming is usually in the front of the hip, near the groin. In young ballet dancers, this may be a sign of structural damage to the hip.

2. Feelings of catching or locking.

When a ballet dancer twists and pivots, she may feel like the hip is going to “give out.” In extreme cases, this might actually cause her to fall.

3. Sit to stand pain.

If a hip condition becomes more chronic, it may affect the dancer with more sedentary activities, such as sitting for long periods of time, like in a classroom.

If a dancer shows any of these symptoms, Ochiai recommends dancers take a break from ballet. If the symptoms remain or occur again, that dancer should see a sports medicine surgeon.