Want Kids to Learn? Make it Fun

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This year’s education headlines have included a lot of talk about the Common Core curriculum. Is it good, is it bad? Also there’s been lots of talk about standardized tests, and teaching to the test.

Then there’s the debate as to whether American children are keeping up with other countries when it comes to science, technology, engineering and math. We mostly hear that no, they are not.

Alas NPR breathed a bit of fresh air into all the stats and rumblings with a story on how a program in California is making science fun, captivating students’ attention. It’s learning without knowing your learning. Genius, right?!

It’s hands-on learning. The children aren’t just listening to lectures and taking tests, they are experimenting.

I know resources are limited in public schools, but seems to me if we really want to increase the American child’s interest in science and math, we need to let them do to learn. Rolling into the new year, we as parents have to remain united to be sure out kids get the best education. It’s not all going to come from a classroom. 

Luckily we have great hands-on museums in Charlotte where families can explore science, art and history, and STEM camps, but ask yourself, can you do more? Do you have a talent you can share in a classroom that would excite children to learn and explore beyond a boring text or tech book? Break the boredom and let them learn!