‘The LEGO Movie’ and 2014 Winter Olympics

Dailypost130 257

There is excitement brewing at my house. I love some winter Olympics. And my son loves some LEGOs (as does his dad). Combine the two and you have the perfect storm for over-the-top enthusiasm for some indoor winter fun this weekend.

The 2014 Sochi Olympics kick-off tonight on NBC. There’s been a lot of talk of potential terrorist threats, Putin’s power plays and stray dogs. I’m putting that all aside and going to settle in and watch the athletes from around the world perform.

I’m thrilled to watch these games with my 4-year-old. He was a baby last time the winter Olympics happened. This will be his first experience watching classics like ice skating and downhill skiing, but how about snowboarding (I haven’t tuned him into the X-Games yet) and the skeleton bobsledding. Speaking of skeleton bobsledding, read our Q&A with Noelle Pikus Pace, U.S. Olympic Skeleton Team member and mom to two under 5 that is in the February issue.

I feel the Olympic hype, however, may be trumped this weekend by the opening of “The LEGO Movie.” Every time my son sees a preview on TV, he says “Mommy I want to see that.” And when he says he wants to see it, he means he wants to see it today! He’s super pumped. Between just loving LEGOs and his love for Batman and all superheroes, as well as Ninjago, his little heart is going pitter patter for this one. Reviews are good so far, and even if they were bad, I think we’d be going.

So what about you, what are you excited about this weekend?