The Duggars Want More Children

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I think many parents sometimes ponder how many children make their family complete. Some are happy with one, others want big families and have three, four or more. Then there is the Duggars who have 19 children … and want more. This week, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar shared their desire on national TV as well as their trip to see a fertility doctor.

I take a deep breath before I dive in here. First of all, how does one keep up with 19 children. I don’t believe it’s possible. What’s it like to be the middle child(ren)? Wonder if they are able to get away with a lot when mom is tending to the youngest? And how’s it feel to be the oldest, who has his own child watching as his mom considers having another?

Aside from all my ponderings above about how the kids feel, I’m beginning to wonder about the mental health of Michelle Duggar. I don’t mean that to sound terrible, but at 47 after a miscarriage and a dangerous pregnancy that included preclampsia, seems to me it’s time to call it a done deal. Not to mention, if she were to have a baby, she would be 67 when the child is 20 … and that’s if she had the child right now. 

I can’t help but think this idea of having more babies and seeing a fertility doctor isn’t somehow tied to making a good episode (perhaps increase ratings) for “19 Kids and Counting” (which airs Tuesdays on TLC), that follows the life of the Duggars. What are your thoughts on the Duggars having another? And how did you know when your family was complete?