Teaching My Preschooler Resilience

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On a lovely Sunday afternoon, my preschool son and I were hopping on the “typewriter keys” outside ImaginOn with a bunch of other kiddos after seeing the Children’s Theatre Play “Too Many Frogs.” The play was great and so is ImaginOn and LYNX light rail for making an afternoon of fun.

While he was hopping around on the “keys,” a bigger boy made a comment to him (that I don’t think was really directed at him) that upset him. Honestly I didn’t understand what was said, but my son was visibly upset and felt he had been picked on.

And so it has begun. The days of not caring (or knowing) what someone says of thinks are changing, and it’s time to teach my son how to handle unwanted comments.

With so much out there about bullying, including preschool bullying, it’s easy to automatically peg a person as either victim or bully, but I don’t believe it’s always that clear cut. I don’t mean to downplay bullying at all, but children have to learn how to bounce back and not let someone else’s words affect them everytime. 

I was brought up on “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words don’t hurt.” I know, I know … that’s not always the case as words can hurt like a slap across the face sometimes, even unkind words shared between adults. In general though my mom taught me to be confident and let unkind words roll off my back (“like water off a duck’s back”). Thing is, often kids who say mean things are suffering from their own insecurities or issues, and it becomes a match of domination.

So all that said, my mantra for now is teaching my child to ignore little comments, but to also use his words and tell the offender he doesn’t like what’s being said and simply walk away and go play with another group of friends.

I’m also instilling in him that it’s OK to tell me anything; and to always tell me, his dad or a teacher or other trusted adult if a child continues to be mean, threaten him or hurt him in any way.

Anybody else out there have some genrational tips on how to teach their young ones to stand up tall and not let the words get them down?