Snuggles Boost Babies’ Health

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I love news stories that make you feel good. A story about hospital volunteers that cuddle babies to boost their health falls in the feel-good category.

Across the country, more and more volunteers are helping premature babies go home sooner simply by snuggling with the tiny babies.

It’s a great thing and something that medical stats show is effective. The “snuggling” can be as simple as reaching into an incubator and holding a tiny finger or stroking their skin, or swaddling and holding them, but time and time again, babies’ raised heart rates drop, a sign of reduced stress and relaxation.

I’m blessed to have had a baby delivered at full-term, but I can only imagine for parents of preemies, knowing that someone comes in to help calm their baby in distress when they can’t be there has to be uplifting, and likely boosts their health too.

Want to volunteer to snuggle? Check out Levine Children’s Hospital and Hemby Children’s Hospital volunteer opportunities.