Snowmageddon and School Closings

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So as I sit and write this, I’m watching more snow fall outside. It’s Day 2 of snowstorm Pax, snowmageddon, the snowapocalypse … [insert your description here], and it’s quiet out there. No cars trying to get around out there, which is a good thing.

But that solid sheet of ice on the road equals no school today, with likely no school on Friday. The word yesterday from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools was that today’s missed school would be made up on the first day of kids’/families’ spring break. As a teacher I was hanging out with on Tuesday night said, “everybody better enjoy this snow, because here goes our spring break.”

CMS is now toying with the idea of doing Saturday make-up days. Administrators recognize that there likely will be low attendance during spring break week as many parents have already reserved vacation locations and plan to be out of town.

Some parents are asking why can’t the days be made up at the end of the year, but state law requires students are out by June 11, and the scheduled last day of the 2013-14 school year is June 10. The school calendar is created and approved two years in advance. Three make-up days were built in, but those were used before snowmageddon Pax hit.

If you had a choice, would it be spring break or Saturday make-ups?