Sign Up for Kids Etiquette Classes in Huntersville this Fall

Children can learn about dining etiquette, confident introductions, polite greeting skills, making small talk and more.

Manners are never lost on anyone. A 20-year study recently reported in USA Today found that a person’s social skills were more important than race, gender, socio-economic upbringing or education in determining success in a career.

In June, we hosted a contest for Charlotte Parent readers interested in helping their children grow their social etiquette skills. Etiquette expert Aimee Symington, who writes the blog Manners Please and CEO of Finesse Worldwide, hosts the Impressions: Social Skills Training for Success classes. Congratulations to the three winners selected for the fall Impressions session: Becky Maupin, Robyn Campbell and Joscelyn Shaw.

Classes are offered for children in grades 5-8 and held at Birkdale Golf Club in Huntersville. The first class of the three-class session is Sept. 27, then Oct. 25 and Nov. 14. During three two-hour classes, children can learn manners and dining etiquette, confident introductions, polite greeting skills and making small talk, and host and guest skills.

It’s not too late to sign up! Find more information at