Shining the Light on Terrific Teens and the Future Ahead

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Our March issue is hot of the presses and is all about tweens and teens, including our 2014 Terrific Teens.

We received more than 120 nominations from community members, educators and coaches recommended teens that are doing great things throughout the Charlotte area. It wasn’t easy narrowing it down, but the eight featured in the March issue are definitely top of the class.

I had the pleasure of meeting the eight teens at our photo shoot. What stood out to me about each of them is their pure passion for the things they choose to pursue. Remember those days when the future was wide open? It was great to see these teens so enthusiastic for the possibilities ahead.

I was also intrigued and inspired to see how interested they were to interact with each other and talk about the things they do, each giving a nod to or two to the other.

At one point during the photo shoot, two that play guitar and one who plays the mandolin, circled together for an impromptu jam session, we caught on camera to share.

These teens are all college-bound. As part of that process is taking college-entrance exams. The SAT used to be the standard, but more colleges and universities are accepting the ACT or asking for the ACT and SAT scores. And if the thought of paying for college makes you sweat, we have some tips to help teens land scholarships. My takeaway: Start looking early!

In other big news, I’m delighted to announce that in a few short weeks, the Charlotte Parent family, along with sister magazines Carolina Parent and Piedmont Parent, are joining forces with Morris Media Network.

Morris is a family-owned company based in Augusta, Ga., but it’s no stranger to the Charlotte scene. As the publisher of Charlotte Magazine, Charlotte Home + Garden, and Charlotte Wedding, it knows the pulse of the Queen City. Its publications extend well beyond Charlotte and North Carolina, spanning the globe.?

Someone once told me that before you get married to be sure that the sum is greater than its parts. By joining with Morris, we will share new resources that enable Charlotte Parent to grow as we continue to provide the best information about navigating parenting circles in Charlotte, and become a sum that is greater than its parts.

We are proud to enter this new transition with you by our side. It’s gratifying to have an audience that grabs the attention of media companies like Morris. Pat yourselves on the back, your views matter, and have people taking notice.