Saving for a Trip to Disney

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If you’re making plans to head to Disney with the family, take note: It’s going to cost you a bit more than it did last year.

The cost to enter the Magic Kingdom has jumped to $99 per person for ages 10 and older, and $93 a day for ages 3-9 for a one-day ticket. (There are price breaks for multi-day ticket packages).

Whenever I have conversations with other parents about taking a trip to Disney, cost is usually the first thing discussed. Of the friends I know that have been, all have come back with nothing but fun stories, and a list of tips on how to keep it fun, and affordable.

As I mull over the possibility of whether we will venture to Disneyworld, I know step one is to start saving for the vacation, but I suppose that’s true of any vacation.

Here are tips I’ve heard to keep it affordable and enjoyable while there:

1. Go in the off-season. Less crowds means shorter lines and more fun for all.

2. For the younger set (I’d say 6 and younger) bring a stroller because it’s a BIG place and they are going to get tired. No parent wants to have to tote a preschooler on their back when they meltdown and don’t want to find their way back to the exit gate when it’s time to leave.

3. Pack snacks. Bring your own snacks and save on buying those things in the park. That makes sense for just about any vacation to any amusement park or trip in general.

4. Look into reserving a room that is on the edge of the park grounds to save a little, but you can still take advantage of the shuttles and not worry with parking and parking fees.

5. Be sure your child has your phone number taped or written on them. Sounds crazy, but if you’re child moves fast, you might lose sight of them in a big crowd. That sends panic down my back just thinking about it. My cousin wrote his number on his children’s arms with a Sharpie pen so it couldn’t be lost and was sure to stay on for the day. 

If you’ve been to Disney, what tips do you have to share for making it the most magical trip ever without breaking the bank? And was it worth it? Would you do it over again?