Roger Day Q&A

Roger Day is a singer-songwriter and a dad with three children. His fourth release, “Why Does Grade Matter?” is a Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner. Catch him in concert on July 18 at Kannapolis’ Village Park Amphitheatre.

Q: What’s it like being a full-time Dad musician?
A: Life on the road is fun…but like any parent who travels a lot, there are challenges making the family schedule work. One thing that has helped, and that I would encourage any parent to do, has been taking solo trips with each of my kids.

Q: What inspires you to write fun songs for children?
A: My wife might tell you it has something to do with never quite growing up myself. I’ve always been inspired by my own kids.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A: I heard that being an actuarial is pretty exciting. Maybe if the whole rock ‘n roll star thing doesn’t work out I could try that!

Q: Who are your top three favorite musicians/bands?
A: U2, the Beatles and the Bad Dadddies!

Q: Do your children plan to follow in your footsteps?
A: My son, Thomas, performed with me at the Children’s Theater of Charlotte last fall. But I think his heart is really set on medical school. My daughter wants to be an optometrist. That puts all the pressure on my youngest son, Jacob. We better get started on guitar lessons now, don’t you think?