Reality Check with Rabbi Judith Schindler

Vital Stats: Judith Schindler, 43
Senior Rabbi of Temple Beth El. Serves on several local boards and national committees and enjoys Habitat for Humanity building projects. Has won numerous awards for volunteerism and leadership. Co-owner of Topz Healthier Burger Grill with her husband.
Family Tree: Married to Chip Wallach, and mom of Maxwell, 9, and Alec, 7.
Get Real:
For my own sanity and serenity, I like to bring some order to the chaos at the end of each day by putting things in their place. The paperwork (the bills, invitations and notes from school) definitely gets out of control.
“Don’t You Dare”:
… go to school or to bed without brushing your teeth! My boys would if they could. And, because I am always a mom and always a rabbi, when a call of pastoral crisis comes on my cell phone while I am home, my kids begin to fight.
Parenting Rule #1:
Be present and enjoy the small moments – parenting and life pass by too quickly.
Fave Phrase:
“Do you know how much I love you? An infinite amount! There is no end to my love.”
Spill It:
There have been the forgotten shoes upon arriving at school, or the time I got hit by a swinging book bag at carpool (not my own kid’s) and ended up with a fat lip. Thankfully, I had no public speaking engagements that evening.
Top Tip:
The book “The Blessing of a Skinned Knee” taught me the value of letting go – letting kids fall or fail, at times, so they can learn how to get up on their own.