Raising Awareness About Adoption

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Last year President Obama started off National Adoption Awareness Month with a proclamation: "Giving a child a strong foundation; a home, a family to love, and a safe place to grow is one of life's greatest and most generous gifts." Well said Mr. President.

For many adoptive parents, infertility issues lead them to adoption. But for some couples, it's simply a choice because they want to offer a child a solid foundation for a healthy life they might get otherwise, especially in the case of foster children.

Adoption takes courage, both on the part of the adoptive family and the mother who puts her child up for adoption. Our story Adoption 101 highlights the things couples considering adoption must consider.

Adoption is a leap of faith in introducing a child into your world. Adoptive parents take the responsibility to raise a child into a responsible, compassionate member of society, a child they do not share the same genes with, and in the case of international adoption, they don't share the same culture. It's selfless love, but that is the role of any parent.

The Daily Post is happy to know two families created through adoption. One couple has opened their house to foster children. The dad has two older children from a previous marriage, but the couple decided they would like to raise a child on their own. It's quite a process to be considered for foster parenting, and lucky for some kids who are living in less-than-ideal conditions, there are some families out there opening their homes to them.

The other adoptive couple The Daily Post knows, and loves dearly, is raising a son who was adopted from a young woman who was in college when she conceived. The couple, two men, is able to give the child a nurturing environment that the woman recognized she was unable to provide at the time. Unfortunately the two dads are not afforded the same rights as a "legally married" couple, but that is another post entirely.

Southern Piedmont Adoptive Families of America is a local organization comprised of families who have adopted. Anyone interested in learning more about adoption can attend a meeting and meet families who can share their stories about successful adoptions.

In the end adoption is all about the greater good for a child. Whether open, domestic or international, adoption is a great way to build a family.