Psychic Healing for this Single Mom

I feel like I should explain. My life has been all out chaos since the end of August. It's a really long story so let's just cut to the chase… My mom has been very sick. She was in the hospital for 8 weeks. She is out now and I am finally dealing with the trauma of it all.

It's funny when you are presented with crisis. Things you don't think you could ever handle, you can. You just do. You have to. There is no choice. You go into survival mode. And survival mode is not emotional. It's about the details and being strong.

People say now that they don't know how I handled it all. I was on auto-pilot and adrenaline. I was scarily focused and had about ten pairs of big girl panties on at once.

When you are the eldest daughter of a single mom, you are the appointed one to handle things. I took this role seriously.

I want to tell you about my path to heal, because at some point the adrenaline stops and you have to deal with your emotions.

I'm a single mom too. I don't have the support of a significant other. And I know my friends have run out of comforting things to say at this point.

I went back to therapy last week. It's been 7 years since I've been. I was so relieved with the release of emotions that I scheduled a second appointment in one week.

A longtime friend reached out today. She has drama in her life too. She suggested something a little out of the ordinary. A psychic healer.

It's something I've always been interested in and always wanted to do.

Before I knew it, I had a phone appointment and she explained how it works before we got started. I was skeptical.

The psychic healer used to think she was just imaginative when she saw images in her head. She realized she had psychic abilities. Then she was a trained as a Reiki healer.

What follows here is the absolute truth of what I was told. I took notes.

She told me we all have angels. What was about to happen is that her angels would talk to my angels and show her visions to answer my questions.

Turns out, I have two angels. They are Angelica (to my right side) who helps with my spiritual self. And Bethany (to my left) is who has been giving me strength. (Yes, I asked their names. I can't have strangers with me all the time).

And I have a spiritual guide. We all do. Mine's name is too old fashioned and hard to pronounce. He told her angels to tell me to call him Mellow. Yes, Mellow.

She told me she could tell me about past lives but not the future, as it is fluid and every decision you make changes it. And we choose our own parents before we are born based on who will help us best to learn life's lessons.

She had me at past lives. Who did I used to be? I had to know.

Get ready.

I used to live in Cheyenne, Kansas. (It's actually a real county in Kansas. I looked it up). It was the mid- 1800's and my mom was actually my sister then. Our names were Agatha and Bertha. Aggie and Bertie for short. My mom was the older sister, Bertie.

Turns out I am an old soul with many past lives. And it's no coincidence my mom was my sister. We have soul families, I was told, and our past problems follow us to new lives if they aren't healed.

Well, our parents died when Bertie and I were teens, leaving us on the Kansas prairie to fend for ourselves. A distant relative, a cousin maybe, owned a hotel and took is in.

We lived there and worked together as hotel maids. (It's ironic because I hate cleaning). My psychic healer was sure to clarify that it wasn't a brothel, in case you were concerned.

As in this current life, we both suffered from depression. (What with all the cleaning, who could blame us?) We used to take a drug with morphine in it called Laudanum. We died of overdoses very young.

I was speechless. I mean how do you respond to that, besides saying WOW?

I asked her about love next.

We all have soul mates, she assured me. I haven't met mine in this lifetime but I will, according to my angels. (Angelica and Bethany saw dominoes falling into place) See, we were soul mates before and we will recognize each other immediately.

(Mental note: must leave the house in order to find him).

I was told that before I can meet him though, I have to fill my life with positive energy and flood people with love, especially my mother.

Gulp. Easier said than done. She and I have never had an easy relationship.

I must rid myself of all negative energy. The universe doesn't respond to it or accept negativity.  I must say I love my job, I love my family and I love my life when I wake up.

But how do I block the negative thoughts I have?

She said to picture myself in a glass cube. Only positive thoughts are allowed in there. Negative ones can't get through the glass.

Every day I have to say out loud "I am protected left, right, front, back, up and down".

She said I have to be love and show love. I have to flood everything with love to heal. I have to show it and send it even when everything is not love and negative.

I looked at my wrist and smiled.

While my mom was still in the hospital my best friend drove up from Florida to be with me. She is amazing and knows me better than myself most days. She said she had a surprise for me. We were getting matching tattoos.

I didn't have one then but have always wanted one and talked about it often. I could just never decide on the right one. It had to mean something, you know?

What we got was in her handwriting and decided on completely by her.

It is one word. LOVE.

Love Tattoo

I didn't tell my psychic about the tattoo. I wanted to keep it to myself for some reason. It was my sign. And very personal.

It wasn't until I sat down to write this that I really put it all together.

I got the tattoo so I would never forget that time in my life when I was so scared and had to be so strong.

Love is exactly what got me through it. It is truly how I survived it.

I mean despite being a drug addicted hotel maid in Kansas in the 1800's, it's pretty amazing, isn't it?

I don't believe in coincidence. I believe those strange moments are signs from higher powers in the universe. I find such comfort in them.

So today when you are stressed, overwhelmed and feeling annoyed, remember one thing. Love.