New 3-in-1 Book Teaches Self-Worth to Kids and Adults

'The Huckabirds Learn About Self-Worth' is out now
Fyicover Huckabirds

They say birds of a feather flock together, but what if there’s trouble in the nest? The recently published book “The Huckabirds Learn About Self-Worth” is written and illustrated by J.R. Huckaby, who has a professional background in childhood development, is a mother and grandmother, and a former Charlotte resident. The story touches on the uncertainties, conflicts and emotions that children feel in their lives as they grapple to understand and manage emotions. The book includes two stories that follow a clever set of birds — the Huckabirds — as they face real-life, relatable experiences that cause feelings of jealousy, sadness, anger and frustration. The stories include conflict resolution and are followed by a chapter for adults with discussion questions and practical application for helping children boost their confidence and self-worth. Available at $12.99, paperback.