Name That Baby

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Naming a baby goes through a lot of consideration. If you don’t have a lineup for family names planned, selecting a name that isn’t too trendy and comes without a weird nickname are just a couple of things that run through parents-to-be minds.

I have a friend who is due any minute. She and her husband have made their lists of names they like and don’t like, as well as considered the type of name they’d like (classic vs. unique, boy names for their girl, etc.), but they really haven’t made up their minds.

I tossed out Claire and Quincy. But while playing around online stumbled on the In Name Only blog about the Cool Name of the Week: Harriet. I have to say I love old names that are making comebacks, such as Rose and June, and Harriet falls right in line.

Turns out has predicted 12 baby name trends for 2014. For your light morning (afternoon or evening) reading, I give you 5 of the 12.

1. Newest old people names: baby boomer names. Henry is in that list. I hear that name a lot, and though when I chose it, I didn’t see the trend coming, you hear it a lot now.

2. Celebrity trend most likely to catch on: Dowdy royal names.

3. Celebrity trend least likely to catch on: Joke names.

4. Eccentric ancestor names.

5. Hottest middle names: Boys’ names for girls.

And in contrast to predicted names, check out this list of 60+ names banned by one Mexican state!

To see more of the predicted trends, cruise over to And in the meanwhile, tell us your favorite names in the comments below. It could really help my friend and maybe another mom who is still on the fence on the perfect name for their little one.