N.C. Schools Will Stay Closed for Remainder of School Year

Gov. Roy Cooper updated the public in a press conference on Friday
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N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper confirmed today that remote learning will continue for the remainder of the K-12 school year. North Carolina is one of 42 states making this move due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cooper says new measures will also be needed in order for schools to open again for the 2020-21 school year, with an outlined plan forthcoming. For most students in the state, this school year ends on June 11. “Classrooms may be closed, but the learning is not over,” Cooper added, in the announcement.

Yesterday, the State Board of Education adopted a statewide policy for grading, with high school students being the only level to have the option of acquiring traditional grades. Elementary students won't get grades; middle-schoolers only receive documentation of passing or withdrawing from class.

Teachers will continue to get paid, as normal. Earlier in the day, the News & Observer noted that May 5 is National Teacher Day. The paper reported that state Superintendent Mark Johnson offered this, along with his update: “That is Cinco de Mayo. There is a certain type of case of Corona that the grocery stores are happy to stock, and I am sure every teacher in this state would be happy to get a case of that from parents across the state.”