Molasses-Glazed Pineapple for Christmas Ham

5 Pieces of Europe’s Best Aloha Gold
5 6 inch wooden skewers
1 tbsp. Crushed black pepper
3 tbsp. Vegetable oil
3 tbsp. Molasses
1 Poblano chili roasted and julienne

1. Combine cracked pepper, molasses, and 1/2 poblano pepper.
2. Skewer pineapple pieces.
3. Marinate pineapple in cracked pepper, molasses, and poblano.
4. Drizzle with vegetable oil.
5. Grill on a hot grill, moving once per side to caramelize.
6. Turn and cook till done, but firm.
7. Be sure to brush pineapple with marinade as it cooks.
8. Remove pineapple from skewers and spread over Christmas ham.
9. Drizzle with marinade and remaining poblano.
10. Serve and enjoy!